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Dual Enrollment

Each year, 11th and 12th graders are encouraged to take dual enrollment courses with our local community college. Students may take dual enrollment classes through an approved online Christian College/University. 

Dual Enrollment and Early College High School

The Dual Enrollment program builds an academic bridge to college, providing students and their parents with a preview of post-secondary standards and expectations while studying in a familiar high school classroom setting.

Through the Dual Enrollment program, eligible high school students may enroll in college courses while attending high school; taking courses in addition to the normal course load at Greenville Christian Academy.   High school students admitted to the program must meet the same requirements as all other college students within the guidelines established by the college or university, public or private.

Students participating in the program may receive college credit only, or both high school and college credit, as determined by the policy of Greenville Christian Academy.  College credit earned upon successful completion of Dual Enrollment courses may transfer to other colleges and universities, depending on specific college guidelines. Individual student research and our GCA guidance department can assist you.

Student Responsibilities

Students enrolled in Dual Enrollment courses are required to maintain regular and punctual attendance in all classes.
The student is responsible before enrolling in any dual enrollment class to fill out a permission form to take any class outside of Greenville Christian Academy.  GCA dual enrollment forms can be found on the GCA Website or obtained from the school office.  Failure to complete this form and have the class approved before the class has started will result in the grade and credit to not be included in the student’s high school transcript.
Two approved dual enrollment classes per semester will be allowed to be included in a student’s high school transcript.
Dropping a course is the responsibility of the student (not the parent) and not taking the appropriate steps may result in a grade of “F” (failing) for the course.
A withdrawal or “W” in the course will not be noted on a student’s high school transcript.
Students must attend all open house private school meetings at Pitt Community College each semester if taking classes at PCC.

Grading Procedures for Dual Enrollment Classes

Dual Enrollment Courses from Universities and Colleges that only give letter grades will receive the following numeric value:




If the University or College has a 10 point scale and the numeric value is below a 93 for an A, etc.  The lowest numeric value will be given as an “A” or a 93 on a high school scale, etc.
Quality Points for Dual Enrollment Classes and High School Classes,

Pitt Community College High School College and Career Contact Information

Alton Wadford – Director ; 252-493-7745

Faith Fagan – Administrative Secretary ; 252-493-7408

Nancy Evans – High School Liaison ; 252-493-7663

Main Office Line

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Forms for Private School

You must have a signed form allowing you to take classes from GCA.  Contact PCC for proper form and have it signed by Mr. Hagenbush or Mr. Lopez before going to enrollment appointment.


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Pitt Community College

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Greenville, NC 27835-7007

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