Honing hearts and minds for God’s glory

The time between kindergarten and sixth grade is truly a season of growth. At this stage, your child develops the foundations in reading, math, and other core subjects. They are also starting to form new friendships, grow in character, and understand how God’s love is present in their lives.

As a parent, you are filled with wonder as you witness your child’s development. At Greenville Christian Academy, our students experience the joy of learning, while being nurtured in a Christ-centered community.

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Learning Environment

A Christian elementary school focused on academic rigor and strong character-building

During elementary years, your child is learning to balance more responsibilities at home and in school. At the same time, this is also a season where academics matter even more, and your child’s values are shaped by their environment.

Greenville Christian Academy offers a learning atmosphere that will help your child thrive academically, socially, and spiritually.

Strong Academics

Our objective, teacher-led curriculum challenges students to think critically and master subject matter that will set them up for success in elementary school and beyond.

Biblical Foundations

God’s Word is central to our teaching philosophy. Students develop strong character as they learn and interact with others through a biblical lens. Teachers reach the heart of each child by helping them understand how their actions should align with God’s Word.

Nurturing, Safe Environment

Because our class sizes are small, teachers are able to safeguard each child’s physical and social safety, mitigating any issues and ensuring students feel seen and heard. Children feel at home in our tight-knit community as they get to know other students through various socialization opportunities such as sports, pep rallies, and fine arts events.

Shaping Servant Leaders

Our students practice leadership skills by rotating weekly responsibilities in and out of the classroom. Children understand that leadership requires humility, service, and love for others.

“We had every intention of our children attending public schools

like we both did and had even registered our oldest child for kindergarten. We attended the open house, however, upon leaving that night, we did not feel like it was the right fit for our child and our family. I went and toured local private schools the following day.

GCA had already started for the academic year and was the last place I toured that day. From the moment I walked, it felt like home! I knew right away that this was where my children were meant to be. We watched our first child thrive at GCA for many years, growing in his faith and friendships.

We knew that we would always make whatever sacrifices were needed for our other children to attend as well when their time came. It was truly a joy this past year, having all our children at GCA; being cared for and taught by amazing teachers, and receiving a Christ-centered education.”

Blyth Crawford, GCA Parent

A Place Where Your Child Will Thrive

Download our Parent Guide and learn more about how Greenville Christian Academy can meet the needs of your child. Your e-book will also include an overview of what our school offers, what to expect during your campus visit, plus testimonials from GCA student families.

Biblical worldview woven into a strong academic curriculum

GCA is a Christian elementary school committed to spiritual and academic excellence. Our program sets high but realistic expectations for students, which helps build strong foundations that they can carry forward in middle school and beyond.

Students will have an in-depth understanding of core subjects, including:

  • Phonics and Reading
  • Grammar
  • Penmanship
  • Bible
  • History
  • Science
  • Arithmetic

Elementary schoolers are also exposed to a rigorous phonics program called A Beka Book, which promotes reading mastery and comprehension. Activities include weekly vocabulary and spelling, reading homework, comprehension questions, and journaling.

As students explore their unique interests, teachers guide them through special subjects, sparking their innate curiosity. Your child will get to experience enriching lessons and projects in:

  • Music 
  • Art
  • Computer
  • Physical Education

Elementary students need lots of movement in their day — getting their wiggles out helps with focus and attention. Weekly PE classes and recess time each day provide opportunities for running, jumping, swinging, and games with friends. 

We acknowledge that all children have distinct learning styles and strengths. GCA ensures that all students’ learning needs are met through the Specialized Resource Program for children with diverse abilities.

Instilling creativity and teamwork through sports, clubs, and programs

Greenville Christian Academy engages students in a variety of clubs and programs, such as:

  • Choir
  • Band
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Drama
  • Summer camps
  • Sports starting at 6th grade (Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball, Cheerleading, Shooting Skill, Cross Country)

Through these programs, elementary students get to learn self-expression, perseverance, and cooperating with others.

A secure environment for your peace of mind

We understand how valuable it is for parents to know that children are safe inside our campuses. GCA is a Christian school in Greenville located on a secure campus right by People’s Baptist Church. 

Our buildings have monitoring systems, locked doors and all visitors need to check in before entering our campus grounds. We conduct background checks on staff to keep the safety of our students.

Our elementary schoolers are also taught how to handle situations from a biblical perspective, keeping everyone safe in the classroom. Teachers correct behaviors in light of God’s Word, leading to a harmonious environment for all students.

Extended care available as needed

After school care is available Monday through Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and can be utilized as needed. Students enjoy supervised homework time, free play time both indoors and outdoors, and a snack is provided.

Meet a Teacher

Rhonda Oakes

Degree: B.S. Elementary Education
Teaching Experience: 31 years

What’s your favorite thing about teaching?

“ [Some of my] favorite things about teaching are getting to witness the “light bulb” moment when a student grasps a new concept, getting to watch students grow up from K-4 until graduation and beyond. [Teaching] has given me a desire to stay close to the Lord, because I know I cannot teach on my own. Students are watching, mimicking, and looking to me for answers. I cannot be what I need to be for them if I’m not what I need to be for God.”

What’s your favorite children’s book?

“My favorite children’s book would be Pippi Longstocking. Pippi was, and is a favorite because she is fearless, inquisitive, adventurous, and always a good friend. She gives confidence to those around her to have fun and be thankful for what you have.”

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