Greenville Christian Academy

High School

All GCA high school students enter a liberal arts college preparatory program of study.  This program prepares students for post-secondary education by focusing on core subject skills supplemented by practical elective courses.  Extensive training in grammar, literature, and composition, along with honors courses in math, history, and english, gives students a taste of academic rigor seen on the college level.

Each fall, sophomores and juniors are given the opportunity to take the PSAT on campus.  Additionally, in an effort to prepare for efficient college admission, all GCA seniors take a nationally-recognized college readiness assessment prior to graduation.  Data from ACT and SAT—indicates that GCA’s most recent graduates scored well above the state average in each of the four areas tested.

9th Grade

Bible, English, Literature, Geography, Physical Science, PE/Health, Algebra 1, Geography; Electives: Band, Choir, Computers, Art

10th Grade

Bible, English, Literature, World History, Biology, Algebra 2, Computers 1; Electives: Band, Choir, Computer 2, Art, Yearbook

*Geometry summer school option is available to get ahead in math credits.

11th Grade

Bible, English, Literature, U.S. History, Chemistry, Geometry or Pre-Calculus, Spanish 1; Electives: Band, Choir, Computers, Art

12th Grade

Bible, English, Literature, Government/Economics, Speech/Creative Writing,  Physics or Advanced Biology (optional), Consumer Math (optional), Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus (optional), Spanish 2 (optional); Electives: Band, Choir, Art, Computers

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