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Greenville Christian Academy is proud to guarantee your child will be reading by the end of K5. How can we promise that? Because of the intensive phonics approach to reading.

The A Beka Book Reading Program that Greenville Christian uses has been a success story nationwide for many years because it uses a superior phonics approach to beginning reading. This is an intensive phonics program, not just a sight reading program garnished with phonics. The intensive phonics approach is taught systematically throughout the kindergarten and lower elementary curriculum to ensure continued growth in skills.

Even though research continues to expose the deficiencies of the sight-memory method of teaching beginning reading, almost all reading programs today still use the sight-memory, or whole language approach. By adding a bit of phonics here and there, many of these programs give the appearance of phonics, but not the results. With an intensive phonics approach, even lower-ability students can learn to read successfully.

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