Natalie Aynes

Miss Aynes is an alumna of Greenville Christian Academy and daughter of Mr. Paul Aynes (current faculty/previous Administrator). She was blessed to be raised in a Christian home and attend a gospel centered church her entire life growing up. When she was five years old, she can remember saying a prayer of salvation and soon after, she was baptized. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, she continued to be taught the Bible and learn of her amazing God. When she was a teenager, she really doubted her salvation and began to question what her faith really meant. When she was sixteen years old, she humbled herself and asked for her dad to help her make sure she was saved. Since settling that doubt, she truly decided to live for Christ no matter what. She is continually amazed at the grace He constantly bestows on her life.

Miss Aynes has an Associates degree in Business from Pensacola Christian College. She has 9 years of professional experience and has a heart for helping youth grow in their knowledge of God. She has served as a counselor at youth camps over the past few years.

Miss Aynes enjoys sports of all kinds, reading, drinking good coffee, and most importantly being with friends and family.

Professional Experience: 9 years

Associates in Business, Pensacola Christian College