Traci Baer

Mrs. Traci Baer grew up in a Christian home and has known the love of Christ her entire life. It was when she started attending People’s Baptist church that her relationship with God grew closer.  She was shown through His word that she needed to accept Him as her Savior, and she did so on August 3, 2022. She continues to grow and learn everyday as she walks this life with God as her Savior. 

She is from Goldsboro, NC and has resided in Greenville since 2003. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in History and is about to begin working on a Master’s degree in Education.  Mrs. Baer spent much time in the classroom as a teacher assistant over the years and has always enjoyed working with youth.  She was called into education and left behind almost 20 years of experience from ECU’s College of Nursing.

Mrs. Baer enjoys arts and crafts and spending time with family. She has a husband, Jason, and two children (who attend GCA).  She also has a fur baby named Rocket.

Professional Experience:

B.S. in History