Learning Environment

A Christian school fostering independent learners and creative thinkers

Delicate & Challenging Pace

Our program is designed to help children who did not attend pre-K to become familiar with foundational skills. At the same time, students who went to pre-K will stay stimulated and challenged with differentiated lessons.

Early Literacy

We have an intensive phonics-based reading program weaved throughout our learning approach. As children master reading through repetition, we encourage early literacy, which paves the way for a lifelong love of learning.

Fun with Learning

Many of our activities combine fun with learning as kindergarteners tackle core subjects such as Bible, cursive writing, history, traditional math, reading, and science. We have a large playground for students to enjoy, and a gymnasium for indoor active play.

A Positive Atmosphere

Our teachers model kindness by setting a warm, loving atmosphere in the classroom. Teachers also affirm each student for a job well done and encourage them to do their best.