Lunch Menu

GCA offers vending options to its students. A student will be able to purchase snacks and drinks at the vending machine.

Outside Vending Options

Parents have the option to order food from outside vendors. Orders are placed each week through You will need to create an account before you can place your order. Please note that after your account is made you will create a separate profile for each of your students. Meals will be separated by grade.


Check out the MyHotLunchbox FAQ’s below, or contact

Do I have to provide napkins and eating utensils for my child if they purchase an item through vending?

No. GCA will provide these.

Do the vending machines take more than $1 bills or credit cards?

Yes. Several of them even take credit cards.

Will my child have access to a microwave?

Ten microwaves are spread out through the cafeteria for the convenience of the student. All those in 4-12 grades will be allowed to operate a microwave. K-3rd grade is encouraged to bring a lunch from home that does not require microwaving or bring a thermal style cup with food that can be kept warm in the morning.