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From learning how to read in preschool and kindergarten to taking rigorous college-prep classes in high school, you want your child to be well-equipped for their next step.


At Greenville Christian Academy, our students are immersed in a biblically-based curriculum that provides the fundamentals for lifelong learning. Here, they’ll learn how to think, not just what to think.

Caring, Christian educators utilize teaching methods backed by neuroscience to help their students develop higher learning and thinking skills. We emphasize problem-solving and critical thinking across all subject areas. The result is a confident and capable student with the ability to thrive in college, career, and life. 

Excellence at Every Age & Stage



Our preschool programs foster an early excitement about learning and lay the foundation for a successful kindergarten experience. We have classes for both three and four-year-olds. Students begin phonics instruction, develop early writing skills, and have ample opportunities for learning through manipulatives.



It is amazing to see the transformation a five-year-old can make throughout kindergarten. At GCA, they receive intensive phonics instruction, learn to write in cursive, and engage in a traditional math curriculum. Kindergarten classes are led by caring, Christian teachers who provide a high level of individualized attention.

Elementary (Grades 1-6)


During these formative years, students develop lifelong thinking habits. Our teachers foster critical thinking skills across all subject areas, and as a result, their students become confident learners. Our elementary program instills Christian values while emphasizing patriotism and American exceptionalism.

Middle School (Grades 7-8)


Middle school is a stepping stone for our rigorous high school program. Students develop organizational skills to thrive academically while balancing extracurricular activities and social commitments. Middle school teachers provide strong spiritual training and mentorship to strengthen each student’s biblical worldview.

High School (Grades 9-12)


As students prepare for the real world, we ramp up training on reason and logic so our high school graduates emerge as independent thinkers. An elite level of college preparatory classes, strong biblical training, and a wide variety of enriching extracurriculars create well-rounded graduates who are able to step confidently into their future.



Why Do Parents Choose Greenville Christian Academy? 

Our Values Align:

You can rest assured that the Christian values you’ve instilled at home will be strengthened, not torn down.

Students are Known:

With small class sizes, no student falls through the cracks. Our Specialized Resource Program is set up for students that need extra support to succeed academically.

College Dual Enrollment:

Parents love that their high school students can get a jump start on college without ever leaving the safety of our campus. We offer dual-enrollment classes in English, Literature, and Algebra. 

Healthy Tech Use:

We care about your child’s digital safety, and utilize technology in an age-appropriate way. Computer classes begin in first grade with specialized courses available for older students in areas such as computer programming.

Vibrant Student Life:

You want your child to have a variety of healthy activities at their fingertips. Whether in the band or choir, on the athletic field, or serving on the mission field, our students stay busy in the best ways.