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When you’re considering schools for your family, you want the best in academics — and in athletics — for a well-rounded education. At Greenville Christian Academy, we offer highly successful teams and a program that supports your teen’s personal growth and skill development.

Welcome to the home of the championship-winning Knights!

Together — with parents like you — our athletics program helps teens seek excellence, develop resilience and learn to lead with character and humility.

Our accomplished coaches are committed to teaching and modeling how to be servant leaders, on and off the playing fields. They work with your teen to improve their free throws and to be prepared when life throws them curveballs.

We’re proud of our successful program, and we’re especially proud of the teamwork and character-building it took to get us here. We know that those lessons, friendships and memories will last a lifetime. 



Seek Excellence


The Knights have a rich tradition that includes a 2021-2022 baseball state championship and a varsity girls volleyball team that has been in the state championships for five years in a row. A winning record like that doesn’t happen by chance. It happens because every athlete puts in the work necessary to grow and improve — physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Develop Resilience

Not every skill comes easily, but your teen will come to value tenacity and grit. We welcome challenges, and we see value in learning and trying new things.

Learn to Lead with Character and Humility


We encourage students, and we work to build their self-confidence. Your teen will have opportunities to practice their problem-solving skills, to live out their faith, and to build a stronger team.