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Kindergarten is an exciting season. To your child, it's a new adventure, filled with exciting events and friendships. To you, it’s a special time to think about your choices — such as the environment your child will be immersed in or the things they will learn. As a parent, you understand how these choices will shape their future, even at an early age.




Enriching Curriculum

Greenville Christian Academy utilizes Abeka, a comprehensive, Bible-based K-12 curriculum with a proven method in the mastery of core subjects. Through this curriculum, your child can bridge topics across different subjects, helping them see how knowledge is applied in daily life. 

Literacy is also central to our curriculum, enabling kindergartners to master and enjoy learning through reading. Our core subjects and specials are built to set a strong foundation for the elementary level and beyond.

Early Literacy

We have an intensive phonics-based reading program weaved throughout our learning approach. As children master reading through repetition, we encourage early literacy, which paves the way for a lifelong love of learning.


Fun With Learning

Many of our activities combine fun with learning, as kindergartners tackle core subjects such as Bible, cursive writing, history, traditional math, reading, and science. We have a large playground for students to enjoy, and a gymnasium for indoor active play.