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If you’re the parent of a rising middle schooler, you’ve likely wondered what these next few years will bring. It’s normal to have mixed emotions as your pre-teen becomes more independent, takes on more challenging academics, and begins to think about their goals for the future. You want them to hold to the values you’ve instilled in your home, but at the same time, you’re excited about seeing how they will grow and change as they transform into the young man or woman God created them to be.

In our classrooms, chapel, and activities, we emphasize the Biblical concept that every human was made in the image of God. Value and purpose are not rooted in exterior appearance, popularity, or performance. Students know that our dignity comes from God, and they are to treat one another with the same kindness that God offers us. 

Critical Thinking


Middle schoolers move beyond the facts to seek the “why” and the “how” in their learning. Teachers use objective-based instruction to guide students through the process of problem solving. They are challenged to think deeply and train their minds to evaluate everything they read. In preparation for high school and college, they also learn to express their thoughts in writing.

Athletics & Arts

We offer 16 sports teams for middle school students, including the opportunity to try out for Junior Varsity teams. Our teams have brought home three recent state championships in Cross Country, Baseball, and JV Basketball. Students can express their creativity through dramatic productions, choir, and band. We also offer a variety of interest-based clubs.