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When you think about the earliest years of your child’s education, what do you want to see? Hands-on projects that ignite a love for learning? An environment where you can feel peace of mind? Caring teachers who know your child well and give them individualized attention? A curriculum that fosters a biblical worldview from a young age?

If these are your priorities for early education, we invite you to learn more about Preschool at Greenville Christian Academy. Our program gives students the confidence to thrive in kindergarten while strengthening the Christlike character traits you’ve begun instilling at home.


Kindergarten Prep


Our preschool program equips students for the next step, teaching them to read and write well ahead of kindergarten. Students will be introduced to the concept of money value, addition, and subtraction, so they are not simply memorizing numbers, but understanding them in the context of our world.


Social Development


Preschool students are in a rapid state of social growth. Each day is an opportunity to learn how to play with others, be respectful, and resolve conflict. Whether standing in a straight line while moving throughout campus, waiting for a friend to finish with a learning tool before taking a turn, or simply showing empathy, students become equipped to thrive in group settings.

Parent-Teacher Communication


We value strong alignment between each child’s home and school. Our preschool teachers partner with parents, communicating openly and providing daily updates to keep them engaged in the learning process. A daily folder goes home with each child’s class work and important updates about what’s coming up.